Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Interventional Oncology Symposium
25-26 October 2018, EYE Filmmuseum
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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Best abstracts - AMIOS 2018


Hepatocellular carcinoma: Pim Hendriks (LUMC, Leiden, NL)

Predicting local tumor progression after RFA of hepatocellular carcinoma: retrospective quantitative analysis of pre- and post-ablation imaging. [download]


CRLM part I: Stephanie Perrodin (Inselspital, Bern,Switzerland)

Percutaneous navigated microwave ablation for malignant liver lesions. [download]


CRLM part II: Caren van Roekel (UMCU, Utrecht, NL)

First evidence for a dose-response relationship in hepatic holmium-166 radioembolization. [download]


Locally Advanced Pancreatic Carcinoma: Annemiek Hogenes (RadboudUMC, Nijmegen, NL)

Effect of modification of IRE parameters and the presence of a metal stent on the electric field distribution visualized in a static electric field. [download]


Patient workflow and registries: Tessa Hellingman (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, Amsterdam, NL)

Colorectal liver metastases: case re-evaluation by a panel of liver surgeons to improve treatment strategy. [download]

Patient workflow and registries: Mirthe Groothuis (Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing, DICA, Leiden, NL)

A Multidisciplinairy Dutch Hepato Biliary Audit (DHBA): Starting the national registration of thermal ablation of colorectal liver metastases. [download] 


Urological cancer: Mara Buijs (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Amsterdam, NL)

Prospective evaluation of MRI and CT imaging in the follow-up after irreversible electroporation for the treatment of small renal masses. [download]



Scientific Research Committee:
Krijn van Lienden, Petrousjka van den Tol, Hester Scheffer, Martijn Meijerink 

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